Our Ethos

Pets, People, Planet & Profit

The four Ps of our business 

Our original holistic vision is still at the very core of our business

In today's world a business that only cares about profit, is not responsible business


Pets are at the core of our business and ethos. It is our belief in a natural, nourishing, nutritious diet being the best insurance for a healthy, happy and active life for the animals you love.

We continually look to source products that are not only completely natural but also environmentally friendly, holistic and healthy.


Without the people who work for us, trade with us or support us, we would not have a business. We endeavor to be honest and open with everybody who has an interest in natural pet products. These are our valued employees, suppliers, customers, the local and wider community.

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In today's world, a business that does not care for the environment is not a responsible business. At Natural Pet Products Ltd, ensuring we leave the smallest carbon footprint possible is high on our agenda.

From using carbon neutral electricity and running the first wood burning ovens in the pet industry, Ken has invested with the best interests for the future of our planet.


As with most companies, we need to make a profit to survive and invest back into the business. This profit is not at the expense of animals, people or the planet. We will always ensure that all of our operations and systems are as efficient and viable as possible while ensuring we don't waste valuable and finite resources.

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